Concert at Cardiff Canton
in aid of the Cardiff Bus Project

The Charity Concert organised in aid of the Night Bus service to the homeless and rough sleepers in Cardiff had been much anticipated by the band members. It was appreciated that the service was in great need of funding.

Guest section for the evening was the Cardiff Canton Songster Brigade, and special guests for the evening were Yvonne Connolly, Homeless Service Unit Regional Manager and members of staff from the night bus, and members of Cardiff Rotary Club.

Band at Cardiff Canton

The evening commenced with William Himes Festival Prelude 'Ellacombe' followed by a special arrangement of 'Be Still' arranged by Geoff Snell. Prayer was then offered by Band Sergeant Mark Symonds.

The march 'Army of God' by Emil Soderstrom continued the programme in vibrant style. In contrast, a further arrangement by William Himes was the cornet solo 'I'd rather have Jesus' played by D.B/M. Lyndon Dunstan.

The Songsters presented the first of a number of items with John Rutter's arrangement of 'All things bright and beautiful'.
Cardiff Canton Songsters

As we were approaching the Easter celebration the band then presented David Rowsell's 'Introit on an Easter Hymn'. The major piece for the Band was a Salvation Army classic by Dean Goffin the prelude and fugue 'Arise, my Soul, Arise!'. Although challenging, the piece is much enjoyed by the band.

Yvonne Connolly then gave a presentation with regards to the work of the Homeless Service Unit and particularly the Night Bus which operates five nights a week, fifty-two weeks of the year, despite weather conditions! She outlined that rough sleeping had increased in Cardiff by some 40%.

After a congregational song the band presented the march 'Amsterdam Congress' by Charles Skinner.

The Songsters then presented two further songs. 

A devotional period commenced with the hymn tune arrangement 'Ascalon' by Ralph Pearce. Major Robert Peppiatt, the band's Executive Officer shared Bible readings from Luke 18:18-22 and Mark 10:46-52 emphasising the need for personal change and the change faced by those who have been homeless. The devotional period concluded with a meditation specially written for the band by David E. Jones 'In His footsteps'.

The presentation to Yvonne Connolly and the members of HSU was then made, firstly by Major Peppiatt on behalf of the band which included money raised by Christmas carolling and the proceeds of the evening and this together was in excess of 1,000.  Cardiff Rotary Club then presented a further cheque of 477.
Presentation of cheque

After the Benediction the band concluded with a signature march 'Land of Song' by Norman Bearcroft. Thanks to all who supported the event.