Ron Price

2nd Baritone Bb

Ron attends the Treharris Corps where he is the Band Sergeant with oversight of the band and the members of the male voice party.

Now retired Ron worked as an assembly fitter at HY-MAC  and as a platelayer involving railway maintenance.

He has 3 sons, 3 granddaughters, 2 step granddaughters, 5 great grandchildren and 1 step great granddaughter.

He has previously played with Bargoed Young Peoples and Senior Bands and was a member of the Divisional Youth Band.

His favourite band pieces is “Divine Communion” by Arthur Gullidge.

Ron recalls his proudest banding memory - “Bargoed YP Band represented the Cardiff Division in 1974 and I was very proud of my band for their musicianship and deportment”.

He goes onto say “I have always believed that Salvation Army banding is the means of blessing people through its ministry. I was taught to play by Bandmaster H.B.Bosanko my great uncle and Deputy Bandmaster Jim Helps. They instilled in me that discipline and practice were very important. Young players today have to practice music and discipline to achieve a good standard. They need to play for the glory of God”.