Ian Davies

1st Cornet

Ian Davies

Ian joined the fellowship band in January 2016. He lives in Llanelli with his wife Liz, they have 2 sons and a daughter and the family is completed by two dogs and a cat. Ian works for Network Rail as a signalman.

Ian grew up in the corps at Ammanford where his grandparents were the officers and his dad was the songster leader,  but, it wasn't until he went to Llanelli Citadel at the age of 22 that he was given the chance to learn the cornet, he also remembers the privilege of carrying the colours and leading the band during the annual Battle of Britain parade while the band played the march Montreal Citadel .

His favourite band pieces are, Montreal Citadel ("best march ever written" Ian says), the Call of the Righteous,  the cornet solo Share My Yoke (which Ian loves to play, but, only in the privacy of his own home) and since playing it with the fellowship band, Guardian of my Soul written by Darren Shaw.